We care about people – ours and yours

The safety and wellbeing of our team, our contractors and our customers is primary in every decision we make and action we take. Our goal is to maintain a zero Lost Time Injury rate across our entire business.

We believe that safety systems are important and that our people are our safest bet when it comes to creating a healthy and safe worksite and safety culture. Our field-based safety officer’s primary task is to assess, monitor and manage risk and to nurture a healthy safety culture through effective conversations amongst our team.

Every day starts with a briefing where safety considerations are raised. Equally important to our formal briefings is an informal environment that encourages open and honest conversations around safety and wellbeing, with the full confidence and commitment that we act quickly and decisively when something needs to be fixed.

Our ongoing risk management strategies, high levels of staff training, maintaining the safest equipment and implementing industry standard safe work practices are all part of a healthy culture and attitude to safety that is lived through our people.